Stell: Lawyers Helping Lawyers

In 2017, Lawyers Mutual celebrated 40 years of providing insurance coverage to North Carolina lawyers.

I often meet lawyers who are proud to tell me their personal story of how they helped to form Lawyers Mutual. In 1977, a call went out from the NC Bar Association asking the lawyers in our state to contribute $1 million dollars to create the first lawyer owned insurance company in the country. Nearly everyone answered the call. Whether they wrote a check they could barely afford, or they put their initial payment on a credit card, 1,623 lawyers collected $947,780.

The loyalty these initial investors have towards our Company is both gratifying and humbling.

Today, Lawyers Mutual insures 8,000 North Carolina lawyers. Lawyers are connected to us because they are our insureds, they serve on our defense panel, they serve on our Board of Directors and our Community Boards, they speak at our CLE programs and write articles for our newsletter. North Carolina lawyers are our family.

The people who work at Lawyers Mutual are our family, as well. We have employees who have worked with us for more than 30 years. Our people are passionate about our insureds. They take care of them as though they are family.

We are lucky to partner with bar associations across the state.  All thirteen lawyers who work for Lawyers Mutual and Lawyers Insurance Agency are members of various bar associations and many serve in leadership positions, in other areas of service, write content for bar newsletters, and serve as CLE speakers.

You may know that we have a staff of 7 claims attorneys in our office. They spend much of their time not handling cases filed against our insured attorneys, but providing proactive advice to our insureds. If you have questions, you have a difficult client and need some advice, you have ethics concerns or you are concerned that you have made a mistake, our claims attorneys stand ready to assist you.

We also provide advice and consultation through our Client Services department. We provide advice about practice management issues and business development and marketing concerns. We offer a free 3-hour CLE for our insureds each year. Our website has many risk management resources, including practice guides, articles, and a Lending Library. We communicate with law students through our virtual Student Resource Center. Law students visit on Twitter @LM_SRC and everyone visit us @LawyersMutualNC, connect with us on LinkedIn and “like” our Facebook page, Lawyers Mutual NC.

We are especially proud of our blog, A Byte of Prevention. While we had more than 101,000 visitors to our website in 2017, more than 70% go directly to our blog (or risk management articles), where we post daily.

Lawyers Mutual also owns Lawyers Insurance, a subsidiary company that offers all other types of insurance such as health, life, disability, business owners policies, crime, cyber, as well as providing structured settlements. You can learn more about Lawyers Insurance by visiting their website from a link on our home page or via .

The practice of law is not for the faint of heart. A support system can make all the difference in overcoming obstacles, finding solutions, and achieving success. Lawyers Mutual has made it our mission to serve as your support. We are “lawyers helping lawyers”.

Camille Stell is the Vice President of Client Services for Lawyers Mutual. Keep the conversation going by reaching out to
Camille at 800.662.8843 or

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