Second Chance Project Gears Up for its Third Year

The Second Chance Project, a Greensboro Bar Association pro bono initiative designed to assist eligible and deserving individuals with criminal record expungement, is now entering its third year and there are some exciting developments to report.  The General Assembly recently ratified some changes in the North Carolina General Statutes (effective December 1, 2017) that increase the ability of citizens to obtain expunction of records.  Further, over the past year the Second Chance Project has become integrated with Thrive GSO, a community program being spearheaded by the City of Greensboro Human Relations Department that seeks to end the stigma associated with criminal records.  Between the statutory changes and the relationship with Thrive GSO, the Second Chance Project is positioned to have a large influx of pro bono clients seeking expunction assistance this year.  To that end, we will once again be offering a FREE CLE to all GBA attorneys interested in being trained on the law and process of criminal record expunction.  Because there have been significant changes in the law since the CLE program offered in October of 2015, all attorneys, even those who received the training two years ago, are encouraged to attend.  Keep an eye out for details on this CLE and we look forward to making this year the most successful year of the Second Chance Project yet!

Patrick Kane
Co-Chair, Second Chance Project

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