18th Judicial District Bar/18-H Judicial District Bar

TO:  Members of the Bar, 18th Judicial District and 18-H Judicial District

FROM: Ken Keller, President of the 18th Judicial District Bar and Kim Floyd, President of the 18-H Judicial District Bar

RE: Notice of Special Joint Meeting for the Selection of Nominees for the District Court Vacancy occasioned by the retirement of the Honorable Wendy Enochs; Notice of Meeting to Amend Bylaws of 18th Judicial District

Notice: Pursuant to N.C. Gen. Stat. §7A-142 and the Bylaws of the 18th and 18-H Judicial District Bars, notice hereby is given that a SPECIAL JOINT MEETING OF THE 18th and 18-H JUDICIAL DISTRICT BARS will be held on September 29, 2016 at 3:30 p.m. in the Commissioners’ Meeting Room (the Old Superior Court Room) at the Old Guilford County Courthouse at 301 West Market Street in Greensboro, NC, to 1) amend the Bylaws of the 18th Judicial District (a copy of the Bylaws with proposed Amendments is posted on the Greensboro Bar website and will be circulated by e-mail); and 2) select nominees to submit to the Governor to fill the District Court judicial vacancy occasioned by the July 31, 2016 retirement of the Honorable District Court Judge Wendy Enochs. Member check-in and distribution of ballots will begin at 3:00 p.m.

Candidates/Applicants:  Any member of the 18th Judicial District Bar or the 18-H Judicial District Bar who wishes to be a candidate for the judicial seat and who is a resident in either district must notify us of her or his intention in writing, no later than 5:00 p.m. on Friday September 23, 2016. Notification shall state that he or she is duly authorized to practice law in the 18th and 18-H Judicial District Bars and that his or her residence address is located within either district.  Notification should be delivered or mailed to the 18th Judicial District Bar president Ken Keller, Carruthers & Roth, P.A., 235 N. Edgeworth Street, Greensboro, NC 27401 or e-mailed to, or delivered or mailed to the 18-H Judicial District Bar president Kim Floyd, Joe D. Floyd Law Firm, P.A. 401 S. Main Street, High Point, NC 27260, or e-mailed to (If you send notice by e-mail, please request confirmation that the e-mail is received.)

Persons desiring to be considered for election are requested to submit a statement of personal and professional information concerning the applicant’s credentials.  Such information will be posted at the website of the Greensboro Bar Association at several days prior to the election meeting to assist members of the 18th and 18-H Judicial District Bars to evaluate candidates.  Participation by applicants in this evaluation is voluntary.

Speeches by Candidates:  Beginning after announcements at approximately 3:30 p.m., each candidate for district court judge will be allowed five minutes to address the members present.  To accommodate our members’ varying schedules, voting will be allowed AFTER announcements (i.e., voting will be allowed before, during, and immediately following the speeches).  We encourage you, however, to listen to the presentations of the candidates.

Voting: Voting shall be limited to those attorneys licensed to practice in North Carolina who are in attendance at the joint meeting and are members and residents in good standing in either the 18th Judicial District Bar or the 18-H Judicial District Bar.  An attorney is not authorized to vote if he or she is merely practicing but not residing in either district. [A current membership roster will be obtained from the North Carolina State Bar prior to the meeting. If you recently transferred to this district, please contact the North Carolina State Bar to make sure your information is current.]  Members of districts 18 and 18-H who reside outside the districts are encouraged to attend but not entitled to vote.  The ballots shall be counted immediately after the completion of the speeches.  Proxy voting is prohibited.

Each voting member of the 18th and 18-H Judicial District Bars shall be entitled to vote for up to five candidates for the judicial seat by secret written ballot.  Ballots marked for more than five candidates shall be disqualified. Cumulative voting is prohibited. [Cumulative voting is where a member votes more than once for a given candidate.]  The five candidates receiving the highest number of votes cast shall be the nominees to fill the vacancy in the District Court.  In the event of a tie for fifth place, the names of those candidates involved in the tie shall be transmitted to the Governor together with the names of the four candidates receiving the highest number of votes.

Results of the Elections:  The results of the election shall be announced at the meeting.  Following the meeting, we will transmit to Governor McCrory the names of the five candidates (six if there is a tie for 5th place) receiving the most votes for the District Court Judge seat along with the number of votes for each. The entire 18th Judicial District Bar and the 18-H Judicial District Bar will be notified by e-mail of the results of the election, and the results will be listed on the Greensboro Bar Association web site, and in the newsletter of the Greensboro Bar Association.

Please attend and vote at this important joint election meeting.

Thank you.

Ken Keller
President, 18th Judicial District Bar

235 N. Edgeworth Street
Greensboro, NC 27401

Kim Floyd
President, 18-H Judicial District Bar

401 S. Main Street,
High Point, NC 27260

Smith Moore Leatherwood Named as BTI Consulting Group Brand Elite 2016

Smith Moore Leatherwood LLP has been named to BTI Consulting Group’s Brand Elite 2016, which recognizes the top firms in the country for their reputation or brand.  According to the report, BTI Brand Elite 2016: Client Perceptions of the Best-Branded Law Firms, Smith Moore Leatherwood stood out for its innovation and earned a place on BTI’s Honor Roll of Value-Driving Firms.

The report includes the results of extensive interviews with more than 600 corporate counsel at the world’s largest and most influential companies on nine key factors that differentiate law firms, including innovation in services and technology, client recommendations, accomplishments in client work, value drivers, and more.

“We are honored that our clients feel that our firm continues to live up to its reputation of excellent work at a great value,” said Julie Earp, Managing Partner.

Book Buddies: We Need You to Share Your love for Reading

This year the Young Lawyers Section is excited to open its Book Buddies program to all GBA members. 

To find out more about the program and how you can get involved, just keep reading….

What is Book Buddies?

Book Buddies is a volunteer program that pairs lawyers with classrooms at Hampton Elementary (pre-K through second grade) to read aloud to the class for thirty minutes to an hour.  You’ll work with one classroom during the school year.  At the end of the year, we also provide a book for each kid in each classroom that we serve.

I’m really busy, so how much time will it take?

However much time you want it to take.  Once you’re paired with a classroom, you work with the teacher to schedule mutually agreeable reading times.  You don’t have to follow a particular schedule.  Simply e-mail the teacher to set up a reading session, schedule it for whenever is best for you and the teacher, and go read.  A few weeks later, schedule another session.  This flexibility works really well with attorneys’ schedules.  How long you’ll read during each session is up to you and the teacher.  You’ll probably end up reading two or three books each time you visit the class.  Hampton Elementary is about eight minutes from downtown Greensboro, so overall you are looking at a maximum time commitment of an hour and a half for each visit—and it’s often less than an hour.

Books—what do you mean? What if I don’t have kids’ books readily available?

You might have books at home that you can read to your class.  Illustrated books are best.  If you don’t have suitable books at home, Hampton’s library has an “honor-system shelf” where you can get books to read and return before leaving.  You can also buy books or check them out from the public library.  We’re also working with Hampton to establish a means for us to check out any book from Hampton’s library.  Also, most of the teachers have a decent collection of books in their classrooms, and you can probably rely on those in a pinch.

Why is this program so important?

Hampton needs us!  In 2014, Hampton was identified as a “turnaround school” by the Guilford County School System due to its low test scores:  Hampton, the Guilford County School System, and volunteers are working hard to improve the school, and we can be part of the solution.  From what we’ve seen so far, the kids and teachers love the Book Buddies program.  The kids love hearing the books read aloud, and they love to ask questions about being a lawyer.  The teachers love it because it gives them some time to take a breath and catch up on paperwork.  As for you, you’ll probably find that it’s really fun and makes for a nice midday break from lawyering.

I love this idea.  How do I volunteer?

If you are interested in signing up, please (1) register to be a Guilford County School volunteer here: and (2) email Whit Pierce at and let him know so he can put you in touch with a teacher at the school.

Greensboro bar Association's YLS

Adam Kerr with Ms. Kalisha McNair’s pre-K class at Hampton Elementary School.

NCCALJ Interim Reports Now Available

A Compilation of Interim Reports from the North Carolina Commission on the Administration of Law & Justice now available here: NCCALJ Interim Report

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Invoice for 2016-17 JD18 & GBA Dues Sent

The JD18 & GBA Dues Notice for 2016-17 was emailed to members of the 18th  Judicial District and the Greensboro Bar Association on Wednesday, June 15.  The mandatory JD18 fee of $15 and the voluntary GBA dues may be paid with one check payable to the 18th Judicial District Bar. Firms are encouraged to pay for multiple attorneys with one check.

Printable Invoice: JD18 & GBA Dues Notice for 2016-17

Notice of Intent to Vote for Dues Increase

A meeting of the Executive Board of the Greensboro Bar Association will take place on Tuesday, June 14 in the Self Help Building, 122 N. Elm Street, Suite 820. The meeting will begin promptly at 4:00 PM. At this meeting, the officers and directors in attendance will vote on a proposed annual membership dues increase of $5.00 per member, effective June 2016. The increase, the first in over 12 years, will help offset increased operating and meeting expenses. Members will continue to enjoy the same level of benefits currently provided:

* Reduced fee or no-cost GBA-sponsored seminars;

* 6 dinner/luncheon meetings with programs of interest to members of our profession at no  additional cost;

* 18th Judicial District Bar Meeting and dinner at no additional cost;

* BarCARES:  A short-term intervention program provided cost-free to member’s immediate family;

* Holiday Party in December;

* Picnic at the Ballpark (Greensboro Grasshoppers) for members and a guest at no additional cost;

* Opportunities to participate in Bar sections –  Alternative Dispute Resolution, Business & Transactional Law, Family Law, Real Property, Young Lawyers;

* Opportunity to participate in Bar-sponsored activities, such as Community Service at Potters House or Sussmans Park, Friends of Jones School, CLE.

Membership Categories and Proposed Dues Rate:

Sustaining Member – $165

Regular Member – $130

Licensed less than 3 yrs. – $85

Senior (over age 70) – no charge

“Lessons from Legends” Video Montage of GBA Member Interviews

In order to tell the story of this Association, for the past seventeen years the
History and Archives Committee has quietly and diligently collected the oral history of our older, distinguished members. This project videotaped interviews with nearly forty longstanding members of our Association who were lions of the Greensboro legal community. Many are still living, and some are departed, but through this project, their stories endure.

Now the committee has endeavored to share pieces of these stories with the membership in a short film. You’re invited to learn more about our Association history in this presentation of voices from the past and present.

New Members April 2106

Approved April 12, 2016

Morgan E. Bennett
Guilford County Public Defender’s Office
Endorsed by Polly D. Sizemore

Andrew Kurt Chafin
Chafin Law Firm
Endorsed by Gary K. Sue

Michael J. Minnick
Legal Aid of North Carolina
Endorsed by Edward R. Sharp