Herb Falk Society Inducts Fifteen Members for 2015

The Herb Falk Society honors those members of the Greensboro Bar Association who contribute at least 75 hours of pro bono service annually. The fifteen individuals inducted for 2015 were recognized at the March 17 member lunch at The Empire Room. They are:

Barbara R. Christy — 95.3 hours

Locke T. Clifford — 76.9 hours;

Robert C. Cone — 144.5 hours;

W. Erwin Fuller, Jr. — 145 hours

Richard W. Gabriel- 103.9

A. Holt Gwyn — 93 hours;

Craig P. Hensel — 105.4 hours;

Afi S. Johnson-Parris — 131.4 hours;

Jennifer L. J. Koenig — 97.1 hours;

Phyllis Lile-King — 153 hours;

Eric A. Richardson – 103

James H. Slaughter — 79 hours;

Daniel F. E. Smith — 181.7 hours;

D. Clark Smith, Jr. — 314.4 hours;

Gerald Walden. Jr. — 178 hours


Honorees Gerald Walden, Afi Johnson-Parris, Locke Clifford; HFS Committee Members Julie Pendleton, Gwendolyn Lewis, Dan Koenig; honorees Richard Gabriel, Craig Hensel, Jennifer Koenig, Erwin Fuller

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