Habitat 2017 Donors Recognized

The Habitat Steering Committee would like to extend its sincere appreciation to those donors who made the Greensboro Bar Association’s 8th Habitat House possible. Thanks to their contributions, and those of our dedicated work crews, the Tona Nay and D’Joan R’mah family will soon have a home to call their own.

Developer ($1,000+)

Gerard Davidson & Janet Ward Black

Kenneth R. Keller

M. Jay Devaney, In Honor of Brett Devaney

Herman Cone III, In Honor of Bob Cone

James L. Swisher

Nancy S. Ferguson

Douglas E. Wright

Tuggle Duggins P.A.

Contractor ($500 to $999)

Carruthers & Roth, P.A.

Jeri L. & Peter Whitfield, In Honor of Bob Cone

James W. Bryan

Robert C. Cone

Timothy Peck, In Honor of Gerard Davidson

John R. Morgan

Master Builder ($250 to $499)

Melanie M. Hamilton

Barden W. Cooke

W. Erwin Fuller, Jr.

Barbara R. Christy

Vance Barron, Jr.

M. Daniel McGinn

Reid L. Phillips

J. Scott Dillon, In Honor of Kenneth R. Keller

J. Patrick Haywood. In Honor of Kenneth R. Keller

Jesse W. Anderson

Diane & John Lowe

William G. McNairy

Benjamin R. Norman

Howard L. Williams

Christine L. Myatt

Bruce P. Ashley

Richard A. Coughlin, In Honor of Jacob Coughlin

Neale T. Johnson


John M. Cross, Jr. & Jennifer K. Van Zant

Edward C. Winslow, III

Joseph R. Beatty, In Honor of My Friends at Hill Evans Jordan & Beatty, PLLC

Michael R. Abel

Sabrina Bailey Clark

Catherine C. Eagles

R. Thompson Wright

Sharon B. Malburg, In Honor of Nexsen Pruett Real Estate Attorneys (GSO Office)

T.M. “Mark” Gaylord, In Memory of Mildred Troxler Gaylord

Peter G. Pappas

Donald K. Speckhard

Michael J. Allen, In Memory of Dan Kuoni

June L. Basden

Kenneth M. Greene, In Honor of Kenneth R. Keller

Richard L. Vanore

Gregory S. & Wallace Williams

Mark K. York

Marc D. Bishop

Stephen W. Earp

Jeffrey E. Oleynik

Kristen King

Paul G. Topolka

William P. H. Cary

Clinton R. Pinyan

Brian J. Mc Millan

Sarah F.Sparrow

William B. Davis

Robert D. Douglas III, In Honor of R.D. Douglas, Jr.

William G. Burgin III

Kristin A. Landrum

Teresa H. Vincent, In Honor of Ms. Fannie Vincent

Tonia A. Cutchin

Susan M. Fradenburg

Gregory G. Holland

Whitney D. Pierce

Lisa K. Shortt

David Clark Smith, Jr.

H. Thomas Jarrell, Jr., In Honor of Guilford County District Court Judges

Martha T. Peddrick

Justin N. Outling

Robert G. Baynes

Carole W. Bruce

Joshua O. Harper

Henry B. Mangum, Jr.

A. Robinson & Eloise M. Hassell

Matthew L. Mason

Margaret R. Kantlehner, In Honor of Jack & Betsy Harrington

Susan R. Burch

Laura & Will Burton

Patti W. Ramseur

Nicholas J. Bakasias

We are still in great need of workers to fill out our crews, now through August. No Construction experience required! Please donate your time to this worthy and rewarding cause.  Register for Habitat Build Now!

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