Greensboro Bar Association Memorial Resolution Honoring Richard C. Forman


APRIL 28, 2016

BE IT RESOLVED by the Greensboro Bar Association at its regularly scheduled meeting on Thursday, April 28, 2016 that:

WHEREAS, on January 7, 2016, the Greensboro Bar lost a member of the highest integrity and character with the passing of Richard C. Forman; and

WHEREAS, this Association desires to reflect upon his remarkable career in the law and service to his family and community and, therefore, the minutes shall reflect as follows:

Richard C. Forman (“Dick,” or affectionately known to his employees and partners as “Mr. Forman”) was born in Cleveland, Ohio on September 9, 1929. During his childhood the family moved south to Atlanta, Georgia, and Dick thereafter entered the University of Georgia and graduated from that University a proud “Bull Dog” with his Associate of Business degree in 1950. Dick served in the Air Force during the Korean War and thereafter graduated from Emory Law School with his Juris Doctorate. Dick was an excellent student and was inducted into the Bryan Honorary Legal Society. In 1953 Dick was admitted into the practice of law and began his career as an attorney with the Internal Revenue Service, serving in the Office of the Chief Counsel in Boston, MA. Dick later relocated to Greensboro, NC, and continued his work with the IRS until 1960 at which time he joined a small Greensboro general practice. In 1962 Dick started his own law firm with two other lawyers and over the next 50 plus years practiced business and tax law with his partners, associates and employees. Dick proudly boasted that in all that time he never stepped foot into a courtroom as that type of work was for lawyers that couldn’t figure out how to avoid the courtroom. Dick continued his practice until the time of his death, representing many of his clients for over 50 years. He was admitted to the North Carolina Bar and the Bar of the Supreme Court of the United States.

Dick’s contributions to our community and the Bar are many and significant. He is past Chairman of the Greensboro Human Relations Committee and Past President of the Gate City Kiwanis. For decades he was a principal member of the Greensboro Junior Chamber of Commerce (“Greensboro Jaycees”). Dick served until recent years in almost all roles with the Jaycees, including President, the exclusive “Green Coat” club, and Life Member. Dick was also committed to the Greensboro Jewish community,

including but not limited to serving as President of Temple Emanuel, years of service on the Temple’s Board of Directors, and serving as a Board member of the Jewish Foundation.

Throughout his life, Dick remained active with the Greensboro Bar Association, attending meetings to his final month. He served in such positions as Secretary and Treasurer of the GBA, President of the Federal Bar Association, and President of the Estate Planning Counsel. He lectured on law at Guilford College and New York University, and had articles published by the N.C. Bar Association and Prentice Hall. He also served on the North Carolina Bar Association’s Lawyer Effectiveness and Quality of Life Committee as he loved the practice of law and recognized the difficulties and pressures that lawyers of all ages have to maintain a balanced, professional, competent and ethical practice. He supported his colleagues, partners and staff and set an example for all that worked with and for him.

As much as Dick loved the practice of law, he had an even greater degree of love and commitment to his family. In June, 2015 Dick lost the love of his life and wife of 27 years, Barbara Forman. The time was very difficult for Dick but with the love and support of his three children, Rhyan (Robert) Kime, Regan (Oded) Gross and Danny (Melissa) Forman and his step-daughter Lauren Kern, and his eight grandchildren, Brianna, Kaitlyn, Noa, Asher, Robert, Imaly, Declan and Ronan he continued to enjoy life until the very last day.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Greensboro Bar Association adopts this Memorial Resolution in remembrance of the life and work of Richard C. Forman, causing it to be placed in the official records of the Association, and to deliver a copy to his family, to be kept as a memorial to the esteem and high regard with which Richard C. Forman was and will always be held by his friends, partners and colleagues.

Adopted by acclamation the 28th day of April, 2016.

Afi S. Johnson-Parris, President

Greensboro Bar Association, Inc.


Presented by T. Keith Black

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