GBA Members Deliver Books to Jones Elementary

This is so special, I think I’m going to cry.

On December 19, 2017, eleven volunteers from the GBA delivered holiday cheer and more than 200 well-wrapped books to the K-5 students in the Neighborhood Leadership Program (NLP) at David D. Jones Elementary School. As always, the children were happy and excited to receive their gifts. One student remarked, “This is so special, I think I’m going to cry.” This year’s GBA Elementary School Project was one of our most successful, thanks to generous member donations of over $3,000 and a $500 matching grant from the GBA Foundation, and the time and care members showed wrapping the books at the GBA Holiday Party on December 13.  As has been done in years past, the books were purchased through Jones Elementary’s Scholastic Book Fair, which provides the school with funds that can be used to purchase new books for the school library and classrooms. Sufficient funds were raised to purchase additional books as gifts for all fifth graders graduating from Jones Elementary this year in both the NLP and Spanish Immersion programs.





The GBA would like to thank the following individuals and groups for their generosity in donating to the annual Elementary School Project:

Hon. Patrice Hinnant

Art MacCord

Alicia C. Edwards

Edward R. Sharp

Hank Mangum

Erwin Fuller

Sarah Sparrow

Hon. Teresa H. Vincent

Laura Milloway

Terrill Harris

Sarah H. Roane

Sally B. Cone

Barbara Christy

Doris R. Bray

Jennifer Himes

Davis McDonald

Richard H. Hicks

Joseph R. Beatty

Kearns Davis

Adam Kerr

Sharon O. Johnston

Jeri Whitfield

Alan Duncan

Michael R. Abel

Kenneth R. Keller

Hon. A. Robinson Hassell

Eloise Hassell

Gerald Walden

Hon. Tonia Cutchin

Sabrina Clark

Richard Hicks

Donald Speckhard

Erin Reis

Joseph Gram

Ashleigh Greene

Robert Douglas

Afi Johnson-Parris

Robert Wicker

Hon. Catherine Eagles

Alex Barrett

David Puryear

Stephen Russell

Chris Carr

Scott Gayle

Joyce Terres

Paige McElravy

Michele Smith

Charles Younce

Melanie Hamilton

Anna Cushman

Nancy Ferguson

Fidelity National
Title Insurance Company

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