Foundation Grant History

Since 2003, the Greensboro Bar Association Foundation has been allocating 5% of assets as grants to organizations who apply and meet the grant criteria.   View Foundation Grant History here.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of five officers–President, President-Elect, Immediate Past President, Secretary, and Treasurer–who serve one-year terms plus nine directors who serve three-year staggered terms with three new directors being elected each year.  The duties and responsibilities for each position can be found in the Job descriptions page.  Each member of the board is required to adhere to the Conflict of Interest policy.

Contact information–phone numbers, email addresses, and fax numbers–can be found at the “Contact Us” tab above.

Advertising Contract

     Advertisers have the option of signing an annual contract to run their advertisement in each of the nine monthly issues during the fiscal year.  The Advertising Contract is available for both annual contracts or for month-to-month contracts. Also view the Advertising Options for the sizes and orientations on the page and their associated costs.


GBA Newsletter

The newsletter is published nine times each year.  It is sent to members at the beginning of each month from September through May.  It contains a message from the President, a list of the current executive board, articles of interest, announcements of upcoming events and meetings, and advertisements.

Articles are submitted to the newsletter editor while advertisements are sent to the office administrator.  Advertising is offered in a variety of sizes, both vertical and horizontal orientations, at a nominal cost.  The Advertising Options page demonstrates the choices. Advertisers may choose an annual contract to run their ad each month at a 10% savings over the cost of advertising on a month to month basis.  The current contract is available on this website.

Newsletter View
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Efforts are underway to build our eighth Habitat for Humanity House in 2017. Please complete the 2017 Habitat Contribution Form and the 2017 Habitat Volunteer Form. You may also make a donation online at
Habitat House Online Donations.

From time to time, the Board of Directors initiates a special project which may require funding from the Foundation plus additional input, both in work and monetary contributions, from the GBA members.  Past projects include seven Habitat for Humanity houses and playground equipment for Foust Elementary School .   The most recent project was the 80th Anniversary Habitat House pictured here:

house pictured here.

Located at 2139 Mc Connell Road.



Tributes to Honored GBA Members

Delivered March 16, 2017: Amanda M. Patty

Delivered April 28, 2016: Richard C. Forman

Delivered October 15, 2015: Charles M. Tate, Sr.

Delivered January 15, 2015: A. Wayne Harrison

Delivered November 20, 2014: David M. Clark

Delivered October 16, 2014: William C. Connor

Delivered January 16, 2014: Herman Winfree

Delivered February 20, 2014: William P. Aycock II

Delivered September 19, 2013: Elton Edwards

Delivered April 18, 2013: Water L. Hannah

Delivered January 17, 2013: Richard J Tuggle

Delivered September 20, 2012: Wallace C. Harrelson

Delivered April 18, 2012: W. Owen Cooke

Delivered April 18, 2012: J McNeill Smith Jr

Delivered February 16, 2012: John F. Yeattes, Jr.

Delivered February 16, 2012: Charles Edward Nichols.

Delivered October 20, 2011: L. P.“Mac” McLendon, Jr.

Delivered April 21, 2011: August Leger (Gus) Meyland, Jr.

Delivered February 17, 2011: Trudy A. Ennis and Charles T. Hagan 

Delivered October 21, 2010: Cyrus Clifford Frazier Jr. and James R. Turner

Delivered April 15, 2010: Perry N. Walker and Judge William L. Osteen, Sr.

Delivered February 18, 2010: Albert Harrell Pope

Mission Statement

It is the Greensboro Bar Association’s mission to serve the Greensboro community and the Association members, by fostering excellence in legal representation of clients.

Useful Links

Visit the GBA blog at .

For member discounts, visit the ABA member benefit site at and for GBA discount at Brooks Brothers, use as the web address with further details contained in the Enrollment Letter.

The Greensboro Bar Association maintains a relationship with several other organizations, associations, government, and courts.  Their links are listed here:

American Bar Association

City of Greensboro  

Greensboro Bar Association Young Lawyers Section

Guilford County

Guilford Paralegal Association

North Carolina Association of Women Attorneys

North Carolina Bar Association

+  NCBA Friends

+  NCBA Pals

North Carolina Board of Continuing Legal Education

Past Presidents

Past Presidents

The GBA President serves for one year as the President-Elect and then one year as President.  Since 1929, there have been 80 past presidents.

A. Wayland Cooke 1930-31 
Roger W. Harrison 1931-32
C. Clifford Frazier, Sr. 1932-33
Thomas C. Hoyle, Sr. 1933-34
Charles A. Hines 1934-35
Julius C. Smith 1935-36
Sidney J. Stern 1936-37
H.L. Koontz 1937-38
Armistead W. Sapp, Sr. 1938-39

E.D. Kuykendall, Sr. 1939-40
Norman A. Boren 1940-41
Robert R. King, Jr. 1941-42
D. Newton Farnell, Jr. 1942-43
George C. Hampton 1943-44
William E. Comer 1944-45
T. Settle Graham, Jr. 1945-46
Benjamin T. Ward 1946-47
N. Dalton McNairy 1947-48
Robert F. Moseley 1948-49

Beverly C. Moore 1949-50
C.L. Shuping, Sr. 1950-51
Robert H. Frazier 1951-52
Bryce R. Holt 1952-53
Leonidas Herbin, Sr. 1953-54
Thomas C. Hoyle, Jr. 1954-55
Welch O. Jordan 1955-56
Robert A. Merritt 1956-57
W.J. Adams, Jr. 1957-58
Adam Younce 1958-59

J.A. Kleemeier, Jr. 1959-60
Arthur O. Cooke 1960-61
Rufus W. Reynolds 1961-62
R. Kennedy Harris 1962-63
Herman A. Smith 1963-64
Charles T. Boyd 1964-65
Bynum M. Hunter 1965-66
R.D. Douglas, Jr. 1966-67
E.D. Kuykendall, Jr. 1967-68
Joseph T. Carruthers, Jr. 1968-69

Claude C. Pierce, Jr. 1969-70
W. Owen Cooke 1970-71
Charles M. Ivey, Jr. 1971-72
A. W. Flynn 1972-73
G. Neil Daniels 1973-74
A. L. Meyland 1974-75
Luke Wright 1975-76
C. Clifford Frazier, Jr. 1976-77
L. P. McLendon 1977-78
Julius Dees, Jr. 1978-79

Richard L. Wharton 1979-80
John L. Rendleman 1980-81
Jordan J. Frassineti 1981-82
Percy L. Wall 1982-83
Benjamin D. Haines 1983-84
Daniel W. Fouts 1984-85
James B. Wolfe, Jr. 1985-86
Perry N. Walker 1986-87
Charles T. Hagan, Jr. 1987-88
G. Stevenson Crihfield 1988-89

William L. Osteen 1989-90
Doris R. Bray 1990-91
Herbert S. Falk, Jr. 1991-92
Horace R. Kornegay 1992-93
Charles E. Nichols 1993-94
John W. Hardy 1994-95
Harold C. Mahler 1995-96
Charles P. Younce 1996-97
Richmond G. Bernhardt, Jr.1997-98
W. Erwin Fuller, Jr. 1998-99

Larry I. Moore, III 1999-2000
Locke T. Clifford 2000-01
Nancy Short Ferguson 2001-02
Joseph A. Williams 2002-03
T. M. (Mark) Gaylord 2003-04
Polly D. Sizemore 2004-05
Robert C. Cone 2005-06
William R. Hoyle 2006-07
Patrice A. Hinnant 2007-08
Wanda Bracks Daughtry 2008-09

William O. Cooke, Jr. 2009-10
Edward C. Winslow, III 2010-11
Robert D. Douglas, III 2011-12
John R. Morgan 2012-13
Vance Barron, Jr. 2013-14
James W. Bryan  2014-15
Afi S. Johnson-Parris 2015-16

Guidelines for Information Distribution

Information may be distributed to members via mail, email, and newsletter.  The specific guidelines can be found here .