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January’s Comments from the President

Vance BarronAlas, Chris Gumbiner, our office administrator, has told us that she will retire at the end of May. That day was bound to come, but it is unwelcome nevertheless. “What fates impose, that men must needs abide; it boots not to resist both wind and tide.” Chris apparently wants to spend more time shepherding her grandchildren than looking after a group of disorganized lawyers. I cannot imagine why. It is typical of Chris that she speaks warmly about her experience as office administrator.She has found that the lawyers in our association “couldn’t have been nicer.” She said that her job has “always been a pleasure.” Of course, she has always been cordial and welcoming, even when dealing with those of us who have made procrastination not just a business plan, but a way of life. How many times have we showed up for a meeting, looking for our name tag among those neatly laid out on the table by Chris. “Oh, I guess my assistant must have forgotten to make a reservation,” we say. “Not to worry,” says Chris with a smile. “We can always find a place for you.”

Chris professes not to know why lawyers have a reputation for being difficult. Who are these fire-breathing, aggressive creatures who chew up their adversaries for breakfast? They must be mythical creatures–they are not members of our bar association, according to Chris. I believe she is correct. How else could she have been so cheerful and happy to be among us? For the past nine years, Chris has kept the books balanced, prepared financial reports every month, made reservations for meals by guessing how many members would show up unannounced, prepared detailed agendas for meetings, kept in contact with the members about their association and judicial district dues, maintained a constant stream of e-mails, returned phone calls, and gently reminded your officers of their responsibilities.…

Young Lawyers Section Serves Food While Serving Others

servingMembers of the GBA’s Young Lawyers Section (YLS) met on the evening of December 9 to prepare and serve a tasty meal to clients of the Greensboro Urban Ministry, located at 305 W. Lee Street. With aprons and hair nets donned, approximately 15 YLS members heated lasagnas, seasoned green beans, browned rolls, and prepared cookies for service to over 100 hungry people in the downtown area.While some members made plates and drinks as people steadily poured in at the appointed service hour of 7:00 pm, others prepared the dining room, brought guests food, and refilled beverages.

This evening meal during the holiday season has longbeen part of the service agenda of the YLS and is one of many service activities the YLS orchestrates. For up-to-date information regarding the YLS’s current and future projects, check out its Facebook page (and “Like” it!), and watch for emails.…

JD 18 Special Meeting Held

Notice was sent to all members of the 18th Judicial District and 18-H Judicial District regarding a special joint meeting for the election of nominees for the office of District Court Judge pursuant to N.C. Gen. Stat. and the bylaws of the 18th Judicial District Bar and the 18-H Judicial District Bar. The meeting was conducted on Wednesday, January 15, 2014, at 4:00 PM in the Commissioners’ Meeting Room (the Old Superior Court Room) of the Guilford County Courthouse at 301 West Market Street in Greensboro, NC, to select five nominees for one seat for a District Court Judge. The Minutes of the meeting are posted.

Resumes of the five candidates that will be submitted to the governor are below:

William B. Davis

Joseph D. Floyd, II

Randle L. Jones

Jonathan G. Kreider

David E. Sherrill

JD 18 Special Meeting

A special joint meeting of JD18 and JD18H has been called for Wednesday, January 15, 2013 beginning at 4:00 PM in the Commissioners’ Meeting Room on the second floor of the Old Guilford County Courthouse, 301 West Market Street, Greensboro, NC. The Special Joint Meeting Announcement contains information regarding candidates/applicants, speeches by candidates, candidate information, voting, and results of the election.

For members of JD18, the by-laws need to be changed to conform to N. C Gen. Statute; details are contained in 2013 Notice of Meeting to Amend Bylaws.…

2012 Herb Falk Society Members

Congratulations to the members of the 2012 Herb Falk Society: John Buford, Locke Clifford, Richard Gabriel, Holt Gwyn, Eloise Hassell, Afi Johnson-Parris, Carrie Johnston, Dan Koenig, Jennifer Koenig, Phillip Long, Eric Richardson, and Jim Slaughter.

On May 22, we recognized the 2012 members of the Herb Falk Society with a dinner at the O’Henry Hotel. Justice Robert Edmunds spoke and Justice Henry Frye presented each member with a certificate. Besides the honorees, several members of the judiciary–Chief Justice Sarah Parker, Justice Cheri Beasley, Judge Lindsay Davis, Judge Rick Elmore, Judge Wendy Enochs, Judge Robby Hassell, and Judge Robert Hunter–attended. The 2012 members of the Herb Falk Society each performed more than 75 hours of pro bono service during 2012 with a total of 1305.75 reported.

To become a member of the 2013 Herb Falk Society, a member must document more than 75 hours of pro bono service during the calendar year and report it to the GBA office at the end of the 2013 year. The reporting form will be available through the newsletter at the end of the year. …

2012 Centennial Award

The North Carolina State Bar Association along with the Greensboro Bar Association chose Vance Barron, Jr. as the 2012 recipient of the Centennial Award for community service. Barden Cooke presented the award to Vance at the February 21, 2013 membership meeting. The full text of his remarks can be found at Barron Recognition.…

18th Judicial District Q & A

The 18th Judicial District Bar has been reorganized and administrative functions will now be handled out of the GBA office. How this affects the Greensboro Bar Association member is addressed in the following Q & A. For further questions, contact the office at 378-0300. …

"Judge A" Stories

At the February 17, 2010 member meeting, Justice Patricia Timmons-Goodson presented a talk about Judge Elreta Alexander. To read a copy of the speech, click here. Justice Timmons-Goodson would like to add to her collection of “Judge A” stories. If you have a story to share with her, please send it to her at Post Office Box 1841, Raleigh, NC 27602.…