Awards & Recognitions

The Awards & Recognitions Committee was established in 2000 to research and make recommendations to the Executive Board for annual awards, award receipients, and member recognitions.


Keep members informed of GBA events, activities, announcements, etc. through the GBA’s blog.

Community Involvement

Recommend community service projects for the Association to adopt, and run the projects.


Plan and present the Association’s CLE programs for the coming year; expand and enhance the number of CLE offerings of GBA.

Elon Liaison

To provide a link between the activities and events occurring at the Elon University School of Law and GBA.

Elementary School and Book Project

Arrange program or project for benefit of students to enhance interest in learning; coordinate the holiday Elementary Book drive for each student to receive the gift of a book

Habitat for Humanity

Organize the work crews, monitor the progress, and plan the opening and closing ceremonies for the next Habitat project.

Herb Falk Society

Serve as a conduit for attorneys to quantify their pro bono services and be recognized for such efforts by carrying the designation as a Herb Falk Fellow.  The terms and conditions that will govern this initiative will be recommended by this committee and accepted by the Association before it is instituted.

Health & Wellness

Recommend a health & wellness project for the GBA to adopt, and make it happen.

History & Archives

Conduct interviews with senior members of the Association; preserve its history and records.

Holiday Party

Decide on location, prepare invitations, contact sponsors, plan menus, prizes, and entertainment.

Legal Aid Fundraiser

Identify a fundraiser project to benefit Legal Aid of NC, and organize the event.

Membership Meetings

Arrange speakers and programs for membership meetings; confirm directions, instructions and honorarium for speakers


Monitor newspaper obituaries and contact members regarding deceased members; arrange for notice to members for special seating at funeral (if applicable); arrange to present memorial to the family at a membership meeting; maintain archives.


Publish 9 issues per year, make arrangements with printer, send notices to officers and committee chairs, solicit/write articles, advise and assist with publication of directory.


Present a slate of candidates for new officers and 3 new directors for the upcoming year, to be presented to the Executive Committee in March, published in the newsletter, and voted on at the April Business meeting of the Association.

Public Relations

Be a liaison between the news media and the GBA, and promote the publication of good news about GBA and its members in the news media.


Participate in the design and management of the website to promote timely, accurate information to and from the membership.